Money08 March 2018

2018 money calendar

Set a date to make 2018 the year your money works harder.


Money detox month

Know where your money goes in 2018 with the government’s free TrackMySpend app. It’s a great way to see where cut backs can be made.


Credit card boot camp. Bring it on!

Christmas purchases are hitting your credit card statement - time to get serious about card debt. Aim to pay more than the monthly minimum and save by switching to a low-rate card with zero annual fees.


Set some fiscal goals

Set some financial goals for the year ahead with the government’s award-winning (and free) TrackMyGOALS app.


Cracking time for an egg hunt

Use this Easter to track down lost nest eggs. Over six million lost super funds with a combined value of $16 billion1 are waiting to be reclaimed. Register with the myGov portal to reunite with lost super.


Protect your financial identity

One in four Australians are victims of identity theft. Protect your financial identity by changing online passwords, updating security software and reviewing your credit record – free from credit reference agencies like Dun and Bradstreet and Equifax.


Time for a juicy tax refund

Maximise your tax refund by claiming everything you’re entitled to. For a full list of possible deductions visit the Tax Office website or contact a registered tax agent.


Score a better deal

Skip the sales and fatten your wallet by making July ‘get-a-better’ deal month. Start by switching to an everyday bank account that charges no ATM or monthly account-keeping fees, and watch the savings roll in.


Be your own financial guru

Sharpen up your money IQ. Take a look at Ed, the online school of money brought to you by industry super fund-owned bank ME. Or ask your super fund about free financial advice.


Spring clean your super

One in two Australians believe their super won’t provide enough income for a comfortable retirement . Don’t be among them. Spring clean your super by checking your fund balance, roll multiple accounts into one fund and plan to save more. Every bit extra means more cash in retirement.


Buy nothing new month

Grab some pre-loved bargains, or swap, share or borrow with friends and save big bucks. Join the money-saving movement at Buy Nothing New.


Gallop ahead financially

Don’t gamble on your financial future and try this guaranteed winner – deposit $100 in a high-interest savings account, and add $50 each week. After three years you’ll have accumulated $8,300. Stick with it for five years to enjoy a honeypot worth $14,200.


Make a list. Check it twice. Pay with cash.

Follow Santa’s lead for the festive season. Make a list of Christmas purchases, check it twice to focus on essentials, and shop around for the best prices. Aim to pay with cash where possible. It’s still the cheapest way to buy.

1 ATO Super accounts data overview as at 30 June 2015. Accessed 2 March 2018.

This article has been provided by ME Bank and republished by Tasplan with permission of ME Bank. Tasplan takes no responsibility for any content errors or omissions in this article.

This information is about products and services available to you as a member of Tasplan Super. Tasplan Super and ME are not agents or representatives of one another. Tasplan Super does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused by the products or services provided by ME. Tasplan Super does not receive any commissions as a result of members using ME products and services.

At Tasplan, general advice is free of charge for members. General advice doesn’t take into account your individual financial situation. If you need personal advice about your individual situation, you can meet with a Quadrant First financial planner. Quadrant First Pty Ltd operates on a fee for service basis and our planners will let you know the advice cost upfront. After your initial appointment, you're under no obligation to continue any further.

Quadrant First Pty Ltd (ABN 78 102 167 877, AFS Licence No. 284443) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tasplan Pty Ltd and operates as a separate legal entity.

The trustee of Tasplan Super (ABN 14 602 032 302) is Tasplan Pty Ltd (ABN 13 009 563 062). AFSL 235391.

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