News27 March 2020

Be careful of scams


Tasplan has received reports from members and other super funds of scams as a result of COVID-19.

These scams involve people stealing personal information or super account details to get access to your super or by offering unnecessary services to help you access your super early for a fee. Members are being approached through cold calls, emails and text messages where people are asking for super and bank account information such as username, account numbers, password, account balances and date of birth.

Tasplan encourages members to be cautious about emails, text messages or calls they receive regarding their super accounts, especially in relation to helping with the early release of super. If you’re in doubt about the authenticity of an email, text message or phone call that you receive, please delete immediately or hang up and contact your super fund directly.

It’s important to note that the ATO is managing the new early release process through its MyGov website. There’s no need to involve a third party and there are no fees involved. If you’d like more information about the new early release measures, please read the government’s Economic response to the coronavirus – Early access to superannuation fact sheet which includes some examples to help you further understand this temporary change.

Protect yourself from identity theft

Some of the ways you can protect your identity include:

  • not giving your personal details to people you don't know including usernames and passwords
  • securing your mail and destroying unnecessary personal information
  • check that your contact details on your super account are correct so that we may contact you in the event of a suspicious transaction
  • regularly check your super and bank accounts for unusual transactions and review your credit report to ensure your name isn’t being used by someone else to borrow money or run up debts.

If you believe you've sent any super, personal or financial information to a scam email address or a cold call, or entered it into a scam website and are worried that your identity may have been stolen please call us on 1800 005 166 or email us at

Update from Tasplan CEO, Wayne...

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