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Celebrating Tasplan’s International Women’s Day award recipients


International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of the women around us. 

At the recent Tasplan International Women’s Day Awards for Excellence we came together to recognise and give visibility to outstanding contributions by women in the local government, state government and community sector in Tasmania.

We’d like to congratulate the following Tasplan International Women’s Day Awards for Excellence recipients:

Bec Enders

Mayor, Huon Valley Council
Inspirational leadership – Local government

Bec, the first female mayor of Huon Valley Council, is a leader who bases her approach on inspiration through collaboration. During the recent Riveaux Road fires that burnt over 205,000 hectares, Bec showed unwavering commitment and compassion to the Huon Valley community.

Erica Lowry

Community Services Project Officer, Break O’Day Council
Inspirational leadership - Local government

Erica stepped up and took the lead to organise and manage One Night Stand, the biggest concert St Helens has ever hosted. Her dedication and infectious passion meant that not only the Council, but the whole town of St Helens, were ugnited and ready to host the triple j concert. Erica has inspired many through leading by example and showing what is achievable.

Susan Gannon

Executive Director of Operations (South), Tasmanian Health Service
Inspirational leadership - State service

Susan trained and worked as a nurse and midwife, and now in her current role she’s leading the construction of a new health precinct on an operational hospital site. As a leader, Susan has the ability to reach out to all her employees and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. This passion flows on from the medical practitioners around her to the care given to patients and their families.

Lauren Parr

Manager Ministerial Support Unit, Department of Premier and Cabinet
Aspiring leader - State service

Lauren’s role is very important to the operation of the Tasmanian Government. In her role, Lauren is open and honest in the way she communicates. She works hard to develop strong relationships and is passionate about supporting the empowerment and development of her team members. Her approach to leadership is authentic, individualised and empathetic.

Julie Dunbabin

Executive Officer, Tasmanian School Canteen Association
Inspirational leadership - Community sector

Julie has been instrumental in changing the school canteen culture. In an environment that’s often female dominated, underpaid and undervalued, Julie has facilitated changes such as improving pay rates, job security, providing mentoring and peer support programs. Julie is innovative and visionary in her approach to healthy eating for children and has demonstrated strong leadership to grow support for the Tasmanian School Canteen Association.

Emily Briffa

CEO, Hamlet Inc
Aspiring leader - Community sector

Emily fosters self-confidence and hope in people who previously felt that their options were limited. She’s a leader in the daily operations of Hamlet and her staff and participants look to her for inspiration. Emily is a supportive member of the community sector, always encouraging other to achieve their best and doing whatever she can to support new initiatives and programs that can make a real difference.

We’re delighted to hear about how these female leaders have had such a significant impact, and made such positive contributions within our community. We would like to once again congratulate these deserving recipients.

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