Super24 September 2018

Claim a tax deduction on your super contributions using Tasplan Online!


For those who choose to make after-tax super contributions, we now make it easy to claim a tax deduction using Tasplan Online.

To be eligible to make a claim online, you must have:

  • made personal (after-tax) contributions to your Tasplan Super account in the relevant financial year and the funds must still be in your account
  • completed your claim for a tax deduction within the required time frames and received acknowledgement from us that we’ve received your notice of intent
  • met the age requirements
  • registered for Tasplan Online.

Is there anything I should consider before I make a claim?

Once you make a claim, you’ll no longer be eligible for the government co-contribution. So, to consider which option might be best for you give us a call 1800 005 166.

How do I submit my claim online?

You can submit your claim using Tasplan Online. Simply log in and select ‘Claim tax deductions’ under the ‘Contributions’ tab. Then select the ‘Claim’ button and follow the prompts (you’ll need your mobile close by).

For more information about claiming a tax deduction for your contributions, see our Claiming tax deductions for contributions fact sheet. You may also wish to get advice about claiming a tax deduction if you’re unsure whether this is for you.

How can I check how much I've contributed to my Tasplan account?

Your personal contributions for the relevant financial year are shown in Tasplan Online. To view the personal contributions you’ve made so far, select ‘Claim tax deductions’ under the ‘Contributions’ tab. Or, you can give us a call on 1800 005 166 and we’ll tell you.

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