News13 February 2020

Tasplan recognised for solid end of year performance


In recent years, Tasplan has focussed on delivering customised and competitive products and services for members, building service capability and pursuing growth opportunities.

At the end of 2019, Tasplan Balanced, an investment option which aims to achieve attractive long-term returns while accepting a medium to high level of investment risk, came runner-up in the table of Australia’s best performing growth funds over the past year.

According to super research house Chant West, Tasplan Balanced achieved a return of 17.6% in 2019, significantly above the median return for growth funds of 14.7%.

The median return itself was the highest since 2013, fuelled by surging share markets.

Under Chant West’s categories, growth funds are those with 61% to 80% of their cash in growth assets such as shares. Most Australian workers have such a fund.

In other great news, RainMaker, a leading provider of data and research for the Australian financial services industry, announced that Tasplan OnTrack Build took out second place when it came to workplace options1, with 10.1% over three years.

Tasplan chief executive Wayne Davy said the pleasing results reinforced Tasplan’s continued commitment to excellent customer service, competitive fees and strong returns for members.

1 Employer’s default fund

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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