Employers10 December 2019

Quarterly super guarantee contribution deadlines for 2020


The following quarterly super guarantee (SG) contributions deadlines are set out by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Penalties apply if these deadlines aren’t met, so it’s certainly worth setting yourself a reminder.

For more information on when to make SG contributions, or associated charges for late payments, visit the ATO Super for Employers page.

SG quarter Cut-off date for SG contribution

1 January – 31 March

28 April

1 April – 30 June

28 July

1 July – 30 September

28 October

1 October – 31 December

28 January

This article is general information only. Readers should consider getting financial advice before making financial decisions.

The trustee of Tasplan Super (ABN 14 602 032 302) is Tasplan Pty Ltd (ABN 13 009 563 062). AFSL 235391.

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