Investment20 December 2017

Tasplan, investing in renewable energy

Mark Williams
Mark Williams
Head of Listed Investments and Strategy

Tasplan has invested in two small wind farms in northwest Tasmania being managed by Antechinus Renewable Energy. This is a joint investment with local investor Nekon Pty Ltd through the Tasmanian Growth and Development Fund.

Both projects consist of wind turbines installed on dairy farms in northwest Tasmania. The turbines supply energy to power the farms, with any excess electricity sold back into the electrical network.

This investment is Tasplan’s first direct investment in a local renewable energy project and, given the early success of this project, we expect it won’t be our last.

The Tasmanian Growth and Development Fund is an important investment for Tasplan which we believe will provide strong investment returns into the future. Our investment is currently $20 million with a current commitment of up to another $20 million towards Tasmanian infrastructure and property investments.

This article is general information only.

Please note: The above image is not that of the wind farms mentioned in this article.

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