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Tasplan's environmentally sustainable property investments

Ian Lundy
Ian Lundy
Chief Investment Officer

In recent years, Tasplan has been moving towards owning more environmentally friendly buildings. Although it’s more expensive to construct and purchase these buildings, the savings in energy costs more than compensate for the initial outlay.

Environmentally sustainable properties create better workplaces. They reduce environmental impact, are healthier for occupants and, if done right, produce better investment returns for our members.

How are buildings rated?

There are two main tools used to rate buildings: NABERS and GRESB. Many large property investors contribute to these ratings and this has helped the push for greener buildings.

What's GRESB?

GRESB, which stands for Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, assesses the environmental performance of buildings worldwide. Investors use the GRESB ratings to measure the environmental performance of their investment portfolio.

What's NABERS?

NABERS stands for National Australian Built Environmental Rating System. It's a national system that rates the environmental performance of Australian buildings from one to six stars. It measures the energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor environment quality of a building and its impact on the environment. A six-star rating is the highest performance, while a one-star rating means that a building has more room for improvement. Most office buildings can be refurbished to meet 4.5 NABERS stars and turn a profit in the process. Achieving ratings higher than 4.5 gets increasingly expensive.

Lend Lease Australian Prime Property Fund (APPF) Commercial

One of Tasplan's property investments is through Lend Lease's APPF Commercial office fund. The fund has delivered consistently strong returns for Tasplan members over many years. It's also a global leader in sustainable property management. In 2017, APPF Commercial was rated by GRESB as the number one fund globally among 849 property investors.

This is an outstanding result and shows that APPF Commercial is a world leader in responsible property investment. The fund achieves this by focussing on very efficient and sustainable office buildings that attract and retain the best tenants.

Lend Lease and our other property managers now include many sustainability initiatives as standard in their buildings including:

  • solar panels
  • LED light fittings
  • natural ventilation systems
  • rainwater harvesting mechanisms.

Adding these features during construction leads to significant savings in operations costs over the life of the building.

Tasplan retains its primary focus on earning investment returns for members while seeking out the many investments where this also generates positive environmental outcomes.

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