Super11 April 2018

Try our new easy-to-use tool that’ll combine your super for you


How many super accounts do you have? Two, three, no idea? Maybe one for every job you’ve ever had? The more you have, the more you might be paying in fees.

Did you know that at age 25, having just one super fund instead of five, could save you as much as $50,000 before you retire1. That’s why we’ve created our Combine your super tool.

It’s easy to use and we’ll do all the hard work for you. All you’ll need is your member number, full name, date of birth and postcode. Plus, you’ll need to have your mobile number registered with us, then we can do the rest. If you don’t have your mobile number registered call us on 1800 005 166.

Can’t remember your member number? If we’ve got your email address we can send it to you … just ask or call us on 1800 005 166.

There’s just under $18 billion2 in lost super held at the ATO and some of it could be yours. So not only will we find and combine your accounts, we’ll also search for any lost super you didn’t know about.

Once you get that sorted, tell your friends to do it too.

Combine your super now

1ASIC Moneysmart Superannuation calculator. Calculations are based on the super balance of a 25-year-old who has $30,000 across five super accounts invested in a high growth option with high fees. As at 19 March 2018.
2 Australian Government, Australian Tax office: Almost $18 billion of super waiting to be claimed. 30 June 2017. Accessed 19 March 2018

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