News06 February 2019

We're coming to Burnie Plaza!


Have you been meaning to sort your super, but haven't gotten around to it?

If you're planning to go to Burnie Plaza between Monday 18 to Friday 22 February, you're in luck - we'll be there doing super quick super checks!

What can we do to help you?
  • Help you find lost super and combine your multiple accounts
  • Register you for our online portal, Tasplan Online
  • Provide you with your current balance
  • Help you update your details

Where:   Burnie Plaza, 24 Mount Street, Burnie
When:    Monday 18 to Friday 22 February
Time:     9am - 4.30pm

What to bring

To help us look up your account, please bring along your mobile phone as well as some identification (either your passport, driver licence or Personal Information Card).

Christmas and new year opening...

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