Employers12 December 2017

We’re making healthy changes in our workplace with Ritualize and you can too!


In Tasmania, 67% of all adults are considered either overweight or obese1.

It’s alarming figures like these that encouraged the State Government to develop the Healthy Tasmanian Workplaces health and wellbeing program, Ritualize.

At Tasplan, we’re not only worried about our members’ financial health, but their mental and physical health as well. So we’ve partnered with the Tasmanian Government, Healthy Tasmania and WorkSafe Tasmania to bring Ritualize to Tasmanian businesses through the Healthy Tasmanian Workplaces program.

The program forms part of the Government’s Healthy Tasmania Five Year Strategic Plan and is designed to empower individuals to lead healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

So, what are the benefits of bringing Ritualize to your workplace?

  • raising awareness of health and wellbeing
  • improving health literacy
  • formation of healthy rituals
  • increased energy levels
  • better focus
  • healthier mindset and
  • reduced fatigue.

Jump on board and support your employees to get fit for life with Ritualize. It’s free for all businesses in Tasmania and can bring a wealth of benefits to your organisation.

1Australia Bureau of Statistics, National health survey 2014-15, <http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Lookup/by%20Subject/4364.0.55.001~2014-15~Main%20Features~Tasmania~10007> – Accessed 6 December 2017.

This article is general information only. Readers should consider getting financial advice before making financial decisions.

The trustee of Tasplan Super (ABN 14 602 032 302) is Tasplan Pty Ltd (ABN 13 009 563 062). AFSL 235391.

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